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About MAYTime Composting

compost and local foods

MAYTime Composting is the work of Mark Langner, of Burnsville, NC.

"MAYTime was born when some friends asked me to help set up a composting system at their home. We could not find a setup that would work for them.

"The options we discussed would all have been too much for them to maintain properly - they travel a great deal - and they did not want something done half-way.

"After pondering this for another day or so, I offered to pick up their kitchen and yard waste and compost it for them. We worked out a fee, and MAYTime Composting was born ".


MAYTime is permitted through the North Carolina Department of Environment and Natural Resources as a Type-III Composting Facility - allowing us to compost post-consumer food waste, animal manures and yard waste.



Between 60 and 80% of everything we send to landfills is compostable.
When this material decays, it produces methane - a greenhouse gas.
You can help change this. Join the Composting Circle.


Compost Products for the Yancey / Avery / Mitchell Region of North Carolina

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