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Compost Products

Yance County Burnsville Compost Soil Amendments

Bulk Compost is available for pickup or delivery by the cubic yard.

For home gardeners, small farmers, landscapers - anyone who wants to improve their soil.

Whether you garden for food, or just for a beautiful yard, compost will benefit your gardens. Click Here for current pricing.


worm castings Yancey County soil fertility

Vermicompost is compost that has been processed by earthworms. It contains up to ten times as many beneficial micro-organisms as regular compost.

Vermicompost also contains plant growth hormones, and other factors that promote disease resistance in plants.

A small amount of vermicompost added to potting soil will promote healthier starts for your garden.

Vermicompost is available in bulk, or in smaller quantities (available later in 2013).

Worm Castings is vermicompost that has been very finely screened, so that only the tiny grains of pure worm poop remain!

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Our Premium Compost is a blend of 85% high-quality compost and 15% vermicompost. This mix has higher concentrations of the beneficial micro-organisms and other factors that are so beneficial for your soil.

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Organic? All of our products are produced with materials and methods that make them suitable for use on certified Organic farms. Contact us for details.


Compost Products for the Yancey / Avery / Mitchell Region of North Carolina

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