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Composting Service Yancey County


The Composting Circle... A Home, Neighborhood, and Community Composting Service.

A service designed for people who want to see their "waste" dealt with in a sustaibable, environmentally-friendly way, but don't have the time, knowledge, or means to compost well at home.

Instead of having to maintain your own composting setup, I collect your compostables and make sure they are composted properly.

Then I deliver finished compost to you.

(Don't use compost at home? You may have your compost sent to a community garden, church, or school in our area.)

Here's How It Works

I provide you with several 3- or 5-gallon plastic containers, with tight-fitting lids.

You put your kitchen scraps and other compostables in the bucket, which is best stored in a garage or carport.

You choose one of three service options:

1) Home Pickup Service - I come to your home as needed and collect full buckets, leaving you empty ones.

2) Drop-off Service - You take your full containers to one of MAYTime's local drop-off points and pick up empty containers.

3) Neighborhood Service - If you and at least four other households in your neighborhood or development will work with me to create a drop-off point, special pricing applies. Contact me for details.

When you are ready for compost, you contact me and we arrange for pickup or delivery.


Join The Composting Circle.

Compost Yancey County


This is recycling that you can
hold in your hands – and you will
see and enjoy the results
in your gardens.





Download your sign-up form Here: Download Form (pdf)

Or you can email and request a signup form.



Between 60 and 80% of everything we send to landfills is compostable.
When this material decays, it produces methane - a greenhouse gas.
You can help change this. Join the Composting Circle.


Compost Products for the Yancey / Avery / Mitchell Region of North Carolina

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