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Why Use Compost or Worm Castings?

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Two beds planted the same day.
Same soil, same plants, same fertilizer.
The bed on the left had compost worked into the soil.
This picture was taken three weeks later.

I then top-dressed the bed on the right with a compost mixture.

After another three weeks,
here's what it looked like:

compost fertility

Put a little Life in your garden!

Compost helps your soil in many ways…

  • Improved water retention
  • Better soil texture
  • Added organic matter
  • Beneficial micro-organisms that promote healthy plants

Worm Castings (or vermicompost) is organic material that has been digested by earthworms. It has all the benefits of Compost, PLUS

  • Higher concentrations of beneficial micro-organisms
  • Plant growth hormones
  • Humic acids for better nutrient uptake
  • Factors that help plants resist disease

Compost or Castings? Which Should You Use?

Compost is most useful when your soil needs lots of organic matter added. The soil I used in the beds pictured at the top of this page was a little heavy and dense, and benefitted greatly from having an abundance of organic matter added. Sandy soils will retain moisture better with compost mixed in.

Worm Castings are most useful when your soil is basically good, but your plants need a boost. Castings are also a BIG help when you are starting seeds in pots, especially if you use a commercial potting mix. Most of these mixes are pretty sterile - a good thing in some ways - but 15% Worm Castings added to such a mix will yield better growth and help protect against disease.

Use Both! By early 2014, I will have Premium Compost in stock - a blend of
85% Compost and 15% Castings.


Between 60 and 80% of everything we send to landfills is compostable.
When this material decays, it produces methane - a greenhouse gas.
You can help change this. Join the Composting Circle.


Compost Products for the Yancey / Avery / Mitchell Region of North Carolina

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